Monday, November 29, 2010

Basking in the artificial glow of ignorance

I was resting my eyes today; just enjoying having a couch to lie on and generally not doing anything even remotely productive. And while I was failing to be a productive member of society, I thought about getting up and turning off the lights so that I could have a proper sleep. But because I was by far to lazy to get up of my butt and turn them off, I thought about it instead. When you flip the switch, why do the lights turn out? Other than "because you flipped the switch" I realized I didn't know. Which is terrible as I have been flipping switches since only goodness knows what age, and I have never bothered to figure out why they turn out the lights. I realized that this was true not only of light switches, but also of televisions, computers, the internet, cars and a lot of other things that I use and see every day. And then I wondered if everybody takes things like that for granted. It's there, it works, who cares how it does it?  Developing countries all over the world have nothing, and we have a lot that, 99% of the time, no one bothers to think about. We benefit from a ton of behind-the-scenes technologies, the workings of which the masses ignore and enjoy the benefits of. Are we, as a society, basking in the artificial, bliss-like, glow of ignorance?
(not rhetorical, if I'm the only one out there this oblivious, feel free to let me know.)